The MSP Model and How It Saves You Money

    Why should you go with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for your IT needs versus a “break-fix” model or having no IT? The graph below shows two very different examples. The top graph is what most small to medium businesses experience in the case of a server failure. A server failure can be catastrophic to the productivity of any business. Let’s pretend that server that fails is an email server. This server goes down at 6:45 AM, from that point zero emails, will be sent, and zero emails will be received. A vast majority of companies are completely dependent on their emails for not only internal communication, but sales, and…

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    Backups, is it Really Important to Have Them?

    The short answer, Yes! Not having backups of your data can either make or break a potentially disastrous situation. With the recent increase of the different forms of Malware and Ransomware, not having backups of your data is one of the worst things you can do.   As the City of Atlanta recently learned when hit with the SamSam ransomware. Not having backups could have turned the situation from a problem into an unrecoverable disaster. However, they did have backups, so it was not as bad as it could have been. While it still took a few days to get everything back up and running the way it should have…

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    Which Anti-Virus Should I Use?

    Which anti-virus should I get? If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard this I could at least have a very fun weekend. This is one of the most difficult questions for me to answer when my friends and family ask. It is not cut and dry that one is king of the hill, but rather there are multiple hills each with their own king. How much do you want to spend? That is usually the first major question I respond with. Most times I get the response of “$0”. If you truly cannot afford to pay for anti-virus or just are not that concerned with anti-virus, I…

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    What’s the Difference? Dark Web and Deep Web Explained.

    Here recently I have heard about the dark web, and the deep web being talked about or brought up in commercials on TV. But, in most cases it has seemed like the understanding of what they are is a little confusing, resulting in the target audience to become confused. So, to explain there are three different “layers” of the internet. The surface web, the deep web, and the dark web.  We will give a few brief explanations of them here. The Surface web is the internet service that allows everyone to see and use on a day to day basis. You can find it simply by opening the browser of…

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    Beware: Free Flash Drives

    Have you been to a networking event, conference, or convention where there is a company giving away free flash drives? Have you ever been walking around and found a flash drive on the ground? If so here is why this is the one piece of free swag I will never take, and I will never pick up those flash drives. Some of the largest incidents of malware attacks in history have come from infected flash drives. Companies love to order these in bulk, get them branded, and then give them away as swag at events. They are cheap, and people always think they could use another flash drive. Attacks are…

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    Microsoft Edge or Chrome?

    Being not only a help desk technician as well as an avid computer user, I see the use Edge over Chrome messages often. So, I decided to do a little testing to see if Edge was faster and better than Chrome. First, so people are aware, I used an Intel I5-7400 CPU with 16 GB of DDR4 RAM at 2133mhz. The way that I tested was by using the same four tabs in both browsers. The tabs were two related to work, cloud apps that allow me to work the help desk, YouTube, and Facebook. Pages that I know are light as well as heavy. What I found was that…

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    Stop Spending Money on Programs you Don’t Need

    How do you protect yourself from being a victim of malware, phishing, and internet scams? I so commonly see big box stores such as Best Buy to buy a new laptop. There is ultimately nothing wrong with going to a big box store for your laptops or desktops; often they have good specials on decent equipment. The only problem is they load you up with add-on software and expensive services you simply don’t need. For as long as I can remember they have bundled their computers with a year subscription of whichever anti-virus company was willing to give them the best deal. It does not mean this is the best…

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    Equifax’s 2017 Data Breach Troubles Continue

    Equifax has released more information regarding the 2017 data breach. They stated that another 2.4 million consumers were affected, making the total number 147.9 million. This batch of users did not have their social security information released but compromised partial driver’s license data. To read more on this issue and see if you were affected, please see Equifax’s Security website.  



    Untraceable IT focuses on customer service. Our number one goal is to make sure each one of our clients are satisfied from the beginning of each project to the end. We strive to build and maintain relationships and value them through the entire process. While monitoring networks as a form of security is a service we provide our customers, monitoring your network is only a small portion of what we offer you with our dedicated team. Our dedicated team. Our team is comprised of years of experience in the technology industry making a strong group of individuals ready to secure your business and keep you safe. Additionally, we provide a…