Beware: Free Flash Drives

Have you been to a networking event, conference, or convention where there is a company giving away free flash drives? Have you ever been walking around and found a flash drive on the ground? If so here is why this is the one piece of free swag I will never take, and I will never pick up those flash drives.

Some of the largest incidents of malware attacks in history have come from infected flash drives. Companies love to order these in bulk, get them branded, and then give them away as swag at events. They are cheap, and people always think they could use another flash drive.

Attacks are getting more and more sophisticated each week. If you don’t know where a phone charger came from you shouldn’t even use it.  Chargers can have chips added to them to pass malware to phones.


If you are ever in doubt just remember this, “If you don’t know where it’s been, don’t plug it in.”


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