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Microsoft Edge or Chrome?

Being not only a help desk technician as well as an avid computer user, I see the use Edge over Chrome messages often. So, I decided to do a little testing to see if Edge was faster and better than Chrome.

First, so people are aware, I used an Intel I5-7400 CPU with 16 GB of DDR4 RAM at 2133mhz. The way that I tested was by using the same four tabs in both browsers. The tabs were two related to work, cloud apps that allow me to work the help desk, YouTube, and Facebook. Pages that I know are light as well as heavy.

What I found was that they are almost the same in speed and CPU usage (depending on if the page was changing in some way). But, Edge was using about 100 to 200 more megabytes of the RAM in my computer while running YouTube.

Without YouTube, however, they were both using about the same amount of RAM and CPU. With Chrome using about the same to 100 more megabytes of RAM.


What was the result?  Well, at this point it comes down to personal preference. Either browser will be able to be used for all your internet browsing needs. The only part that is different is what account you want to tie the browser too. With Microsoft Edge, you sign in with your Microsoft account, and with Google Chrome, you use your Gmail account. This changes some functions of the browser itself, but that’s the only real difference between the two.

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