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Stop Spending Money on Programs you Don’t Need

How do you protect yourself from being a victim of malware, phishing, and internet scams?

I so commonly see big box stores such as Best Buy to buy a new laptop. There is ultimately nothing wrong with going to a big box store for your laptops or desktops; often they have good specials on decent equipment. The only problem is they load you up with add-on software and expensive services you simply don’t need.

For as long as I can remember they have bundled their computers with a year subscription of whichever anti-virus company was willing to give them the best deal. It does not mean this is the best anti-virus for you. The big anti-virus companies are expensive, make your computer slow, and don’t even do their one job very well. I recall a time before I knew better, I had a PC loaded with Norton on it; next thing I know Norton itself was infected to the point that all I could do was reformat my hard drive.

This is all part of their model, remember those other services I mentioned earlier? They sell you geek squad protection or some sort of service warranty. These “techs” are under-trained, underpaid, and honestly, don’t care if they get your computer fixed in your best interest. Their job is to complete tickets, and log billable services to yield more revenue.

In my professional opinion, the best thing you can do is decline the extra services and bundled software. Find yourself a local computer repair shop, IT company. They will actually care about making sure you are using an anti-virus that fits your needs and budget without sacrificing all of your computer’s power. Beyond that, if you need your computer repaired, they’ll be able to fix it for a heck of a lot cheaper than your big box stores.

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