What’s the Difference? Dark Web and Deep Web Explained.

Here recently I have heard about the dark web, and the deep web being talked about or brought up in commercials on TV. But, in most cases it has seemed like the understanding of what they are is a little confusing, resulting in the target audience to become confused.

So, to explain there are three different “layers” of the internet. The surface web, the deep web, and the dark web.  We will give a few brief explanations of them here.

The Surface web is the internet service that allows everyone to see and use on a day to day basis. You can find it simply by opening the browser of your choice and typing in what your ideal search is.

The Deep web is pretty much the exact opposite of the surface web. Trying to access your deep web websites are not indexed by your everyday search engines.  You will need to have some form of account to access the site. To get to these sites, you typically must have the direct URL or IP Address. This is mostly used for things like government websites and the like.

The Dark web is much harder to access than the deep web. While the dark web is considered a small part of the deep web (due to not being indexed by search engines and set up similarly to access) they are not the same thing. To get to the Dark web, you must have some form of special software, configuration, or authorization to access.  This is the place where you hear about user’s information being sold or bought.

Hopefully, this short blog cleared up some confusion about the differences involving the different layers of the internet.

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